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 A cheerful artpainter, illustrator, cartoonist and photographer.

Just someone who likes to brighten up our world with intense colored and sprightly work!

It is my mission to bring a huge smile on everybody's face all over this planet! 

What the world needs now is love, sweet love ... and my artwork!

Enjoy this website!

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Please, have a good look at my joyous and  lighthearted artwork,

Let me enchant you with happyness, brightness and colorfullness! 

When you are interested: Please contact me at 


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I live in a town named Uden in the south east of The Netherlands  (Holland, Europe).

Once upon a time i was born (with a crayon in my hand on 21 april 1959) in a small town named Nunspeet.

Grew up in Honselersdijk at the Westcoast of the Netherlands.

I was educated as an Art designer and illustrator. Through the years i experimented many different styles.

Abstract, fine art (and even not so fine art), 3D, silkprinting etc.

I've had several exhibitions with these styles, for instance at DESSO Carpets HQ, the

AKZO-NOBEL HQ and at the WTC Amsterdam. Also i made several paintings and drawings in commision for newspapers,

but also for TEIJIN ARAMID, DSB BANK, KOC Hairdressers Education Institute etc.

I also joined a group of international artists, and together we have had a well visited traveling woman-friendly

vagina inspired exhibition all over the Netherlands and Belgium under the name of "MEA VULVA".


And self-evident i give workshops and love to demonstrate my painting and drawing skills anytime

and wherever you want me to.


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Next to my work as an artpainter and illustrator i'm also a

photographer and i write shortstories, columns and poëtry.

But sorry: "only in Dutch!"

But maybe someday it will be

translated in your language? You never now!

 If you have any comments, or if you are interested in my work or me:

please do send me an e-mail: 


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